Oh, lingering fractured echoes!   Memories of things that were and events that failed to be are oft suppressed, only to return with haunting persistence.

Concealed beneath the shadow of his heavy, gray cloak, the Fay gazed out the tavern window at the clear evening sky.  His brooding thoughts were replaced with a subtle smile as he considered Stelletwal’s deliverance from the whims of the Elves, “I believe it is starting to rain.”

Resentment continues to build against Queen Kaliopy and her involvement with the Elfin Clans, and interchanging the words rain and reign become a secret code when a rebellion ignites within the Faerie kingdom of Stelletwal.  Concurrently, the apprehension surrounding King Pelleszor’s Pixen lineage has divided the Eastern Clans into a civil war, inspiring a group of Elves to appeal to King Rinion’s depraved and enigmatic brother, Skryshayn, for aid.  But Skryshayn has a different agenda.  Who is successfully manipulating whom, and who will rise victorious if Stelletwal falls?

Stelletwal Echoes is the fourth book, and part V, in the Stelletwal series.

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